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BFBHR is an independent non-governmental organization that carries out its activities in fulfillment of its main goal – to raise public awareness on the topic of business and human rights. In order to be able to fulfill its mission, the BFBHR needs the support, responsiveness and generosity of individuals and the society as a whole.

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Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Become our partner

Partners are a key part of the activities of the Bulgarian Foundation for Business and Human Rights. Thanks to our like-minded people, we manage to reach a large circle of followers, in various spheres of public life.

The goal of our partnerships is to achieve greater impact and develop the topic of business and human rights in Bulgaria and the region.

We work with representatives of local and international universities, including academic teachers and experts, as well as representatives from international organizations, public administration and local government, industry organizations, multi-stakeholder initiatives, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, private companies, as well as international expert-mentors.

Become a volunteer

The Bulgarian Foundation for Business and Human Rights welcomes the participation of volunteers in achieving its mission. They may contribute to the foundation’s goals through expertise, administrative support, social media and communications, participation in events, conducting research, fundraising or promoting our activities on social media.

We invite as volunteers anyone who shares our values and is interested in developing knowledge and skills in a dynamic and interesting field combining care for people, care for the environment and the search for digital solutions for the exercise of human rights.


Quality Standards
Quality Standards