About the project

We are a team of experts motivated to develop the business and human rights agenda in Bulgaria.

We have gained professional experience whilst working in international and Bulgarian private, public, and civil society organisations, and studying in some of the most prestigious universities in Australia, England, Italy, and Bulgaria. In our work, we are supported and mentored by some of the most distinguished experts in the business and human rights field in the region. The framework we work with is approved by the international human rights community as the key standard for businesses to respect human rights – “The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, as well as internationally accepted instruments for the protection of human rights.

Our approach is collaborative and innovative, and human rights-based focused aiming to show the positive impact of business on human rights, but also the risks of adverse impacts on human rights. For society, this approach empowers and supports individuals to become active participants in changing their future.

Екип от специалисти, които са мотивирани да развиват темата за бизнеса и правата на човека в България
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Our focus is on the digitization and the green transition that is developing at a fast pace often driven by the goal to improve people’s quality of life, but often the stakeholders themselves are not involved in making decisions related to their future. Our goal is to show the business enterprises involved in green transformation, innovation and digitalization how to use the Business and Human Rights framework as a core standard for respecting human rights throughout the whole value chain.

Green transition

The green transition involves many actors with key roles – the state, local government, the non-governmental sector, and business enterprises. Business enterprises contribute to the green transition in different ways: from adopting ESG strategies with a strong environmental component, with plans for decarbonization and reducing the carbon footprint, to moving towards a circular economy. Every company plays a key role in the green transformation process, but for the transition to be just, it is important that people, especially those at risk be placed at the centre by applying a human rights-based approach and the UN Guiding Principles. The link between climate change and human rights (Link to be added) shows the need for business enterprises to carry out a risk analysis of their human rights impact and to monitor changes throughout the due diligence process,and to be able to identify potential negative adverse impacts on human rights in a timely manner and to prevent more serious violations.

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Digital transformation is developing at a rapid speed thus bringing positive results in the shift to the green transition and modernization of the public and private sectors. Many digital products and innovative services play critical roles in solving pressing societal problems, however, they also pose risks to people and their exercise of human rights. The protection of digital rights through data protection, security and access to information – includes legislative initiatives and measures that provide some protection. However, the use of some digital services and products may violate human rights through access to various social platforms, fake news, and mass surveillance. These challenges must be taken into account by both states and technological companies, that have to conduct human rights risk assessment to identify adverse human rights impacts. (See UNGPs and technology – to be added)The UN Guiding Principles aim to bridge the gap between rapid technological change and society’s capacity to cope with its consequences. ( UNGPs 10+)

Human rights-based approach

Principles of the approach:







Main objectives:

Human rights-based approach

Businesses respect human rights

Stakeholder engagement

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Quality Standards
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Improve awareness

of the business and human rights agenda

Increase number

of business enterprises that adopt a human rights-based approach

Stakeholders communicate

better with companies and feel empowered and protected

Collaborations and partnerships

with civil societies and trade unions representing employees

Engaging leaders

and innovative thinkers to solve key issues for stakeholders in Bulgaria

How are we going to achieve it?



an information platform




key international policies and practices in the field of business and human rights, digital rights and environmental protection


seminars, events and conferences


research, reports and analysis on key topics


a Creative space for the exchange of ideas and experience


with stakeholders

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